October is Mental Health Month

Did you know that October is Mental Health Month? Do you want to know more about Mental Health? During this month you have the opportunity to learn about mental health and also to participate in some great activities.


Library staff have recently published a new Libguide to provide you with information and support on mental health issues.

The Careers, Counselling and Pathways Unit have organised a range of activities for Mental Health Month that will be held at Hunter TAFE on ‘Wellness Wednesdays’.

This week, on Wednesday 17th October a free student BBQ will be held from 12 – 1pm in the S Block Courtyard at Newcastle Campus.

Further events will be advertised throughout October, or you can contact Counselling staff for details. Check out what is happening at your campus!


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  1. My favourite book for Mental Health Month is The Happiness Trap : Stop Struggling and Start Laughing by Russ Harris.

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