Choice Magazine Online

Don’t end up with a lemon car, microwave, solar panels, or bed … get informed before you buy.

Staff and students can access Choice – the magazine produced by the Australian Consumers’ Association.  Just log in with your TAFE Username and Password.

Choice produces articles on the extensive product testing that they have completed on new products.  Articles are written without bias.  Choice also investigates and writes about consumer issues.

There is also a dedicated magazine – Choice Computer – for computer issues concerning consumers.  Again just log in with your TAFE Username and Password.

So get the facts before you go shopping and avoid the sour taste of a dodgy product!

Electrical Safety

Electrical SafetyStaff across TAFE NSW are discussing electrical safety.

Here are some great online resources that may be useful for discussions with staff and students:

Electrotechnology and Electrical Trades LibGuide

eVideo – One Flash And You’re Ash! – Working Safely With Electricity

Safe Work Australia – Electrical Safety

Subject of the month: Nursing

Don’t miss a beat or  suffer a mid-wife crisis by getting vaccinated with resources from TAFENSW Hunter and Central Coast Libraries.

Gray's anatomy review

Book: Gray’s Anatomy Review by Marios Loukas; Stephen W. Carmichael; R. Shane Tubbs; Peter H. Abrahams

Now in its second edition, Gray’s Anatomy Review continues to be an easy-to-use resource that helps you relate anatomy to clinical practice and pass your exams. Designed as a companion to Gray’s Anatomy for Students, this medical textbook is your indispensable resource for both in-course examinations.

Calculaion skills for nurses

eBook: Calculation Skills for Nurses by Claire Boyd 

Providing nursing students with words of wisdom and advice from real-life student nurses, Calculation Skills for Nurses enables you to calculate drug dosages with ease, boosting your confidence and competence in this core area of nursing practice. The book takes away the fear of calculations, making it approachable, easy and fun.

Note: TAFENSW username and password required.

eVideoseVideo: Communication skills for nurses

This program combines dramatised scenarios and real footage on the ward – demonstrating how to break bad news, providing strategies for effective handover, and responding appropriately to aggression.

Note: TAFENSW username and password required.
Duration: 22 mins. Year: 2011.

Medline plus

Website: Medline Plus (U.S)

Use MedlinePlus to learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug or supplement, find out the meanings of words, or view medical videos or illustrations.


Last but not least is our blood pressure lowering Nursing Libguide. This is a one stop shop of course related resources including DVD’s, Databases, websites and books.

Be sure to visit us at your local campus library or online.