Uplifting authors for Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month LogoLast month we asked you to contribute an uplifting book for Mental Health Month and the Books on Prescription program. You can see some of the responses here and here.

The final list of 252 books has been released by the Australian Library and Information Association. These are the authors whose books appear again and again on the shortlist. You might like to revisit an old favourite! Check TAFEcat for copies at your campus library.

This is a comment one respondent sent in about the Harry Potter Series:

Re-reading this series is like meeting a friend for coffee that I haven’t seen in a year, nothing has changed and we’re still super close, but we don’t see each other enough. So I smile, enjoy every second, and make the most of the time we have together.



Hamilton Campus Library’s Mood Boosting Books

Hamilton Campus Library recently hosted a morning tea celebrating a very important birthday for one of our Bakery teacher’s, Janet Aislabie.  The staff also enjoyed showing off their favourite mood-boosting books and DVDs in the Hamilton Library Collection.

Don’t forget to check out our post on nominating your favourite mood-boosting books here.

What books boost your mood?

A book a day helps keep the blues away! Do you ever wish you could escape for a while? Does reading help you to feel better?

The Australian Library and Information Association is seeking nominations of books which make us feel good about life. Do you have a favourite uplifting book that you would like to share with others?

To have your say, comment on this post (anonymously if you wish!), or find your favourite book in the library and let us know about it! Include the title, author and if you like, a short quote from the book.

Nominations can be from anyone, and can cover any genre – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays or other works. The top 10 nominated books will be posted on the ALIA website on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2016, and the list will be used to support the Books on Prescription program.

Steve at Hamilton with his favourite book.

Nominate any book, nothing is too cheesy! Steve at Hamilton with his favourite book.