Maitland Harmony Day photos

What a wonderful and harmonious event! Costumes, dancing, music, games, displays and fantastic food.
Thanks to all involved.

Maitland ESOL and CSE students “Love to read”

Love 2 Read is the official logo of the National Year of Reading and now the Maitland Tafe’s library’s entrance is brightened with flowers, each petal adorned with scripts including Javanese, Urdu, Polish, Tagalog, Telagu, Japanese, Arabic,  Farsi/Persian, Serbian, Spanish, Indonesian,  and Mandarin.

Yes, students have translated the 10 National Year of Reading words: laugh, grow, explore, question, discover, cry, feel, think, escape and  dream into their first languages but more importantly have read books in English and written their own book reviews.  One comment was, ‘Wow, it’s the first time I’ve read a whole book.”  Another, “ I like to learn the handsome frog story with I love you” sums up how books have made us learn  and  laugh our way through some great reads.

Congratulations to all who participated and to our lucky winners.
“Big up”  to teachers, Jenny Vaupel, Helen Boland and Jude Markey for their enthusiastic involvement.