Harmony Day at Cessnock

The 28th March Fruit and Yoghurt Harmony Day Celebration was, true to its name, very harmonious indeed! A large crowd gathered in front of the office at about 10:30am and it was non-stop serving until 11:30 or so: 65-70 cups were handed out in all!  The looks on the faces of the Children’s Services little ones getting their fruit ‘n’ yoghurt cups was priceless!

It couldn’t have come off nearly as well without the help and support of a few of the usual suspects:

  • Linda Jones for her terrific organising, poster creating and fruit/yoghurt serving
  • Librarian extraordinaire Kay Rees and admin whiz Wendy Shafer for their expert yoghurt/fruit dispensing (and consumption!)
  • Edwina in the canteen for her professional fruit purchasing and chopping services
  • Walter Upton for his heavy lifting and setting up of tables

Thank you everyone for making this such a great event!


Harmony Day 2017

Check out all the creative and colourful Library displays for Harmony Day 2017! Keep an eye out for events at your local campus this week.

Harmony Day 2016

Libraries participate in Harmony Day celebrations each year across Hunter TAFE. Here are some highlights for 2016!

Wyong and Maitland Libraries showcased library resources, provided yummy treats and Harmony day merchandise. Wyong Library staff created a display to celebrate a Taste of Harmony and also participated in the Harmony Day celebrations held on Campus.

Belmont Library staff created a display Diversity is our Strength celebrating the many cultures that call Australia home. Kurri Kurri Library staff created an Around the World display of cultures, travel ideas, festivals, food, gardens and intercultural communication resources.

At Cessnock Campus, Harmony Day was a big success, students and staff enjoyed more than 90 cups of fruit/yoghurt on the day, prepared by Edwina from the campus canteen. Maretta Dillon provided Harmony Day cut-out images artistically designed by Cessnock ESOL students. The personal journeys told were of great interest to everyone involved.

A big highlight was the unexpected but very welcome arrival of the Aboriginal Learning Circle, who brought along Aboriginal artifacts and super-yummy jams and spreads to be tasted and enjoyed by everyone.

Special thanks to Zac Ekandi of the Multicultural Unit for making the day an even bigger success than last year!