I didn’t know that …

… I can get an Inter-Library Loan!

Interlibrary loans available from TAFE NSW Libraries

No matter what you’re studying at TAFE NSW, it’s great to know that you can get a range of items you need. If your current library does not have an item you need you can ask your friendly librarian for an Inter-Library Loan.

An Inter-Library Loan is a loan from another library, posted to the library where you are studying. It is a free service, and the item must be directly related to what your are studying. There are a number of ways to request an inter-library loan:

  1. Ask your librarian in person
  2. Ask your librarian over the phone
  3. Online via the Ask a Librarian Form (Found on the TAFE catalogue and on each LibGuide)

Once the item has arrived you will receive a call to let you know you can pick it up.

Another great service you’ll receive as a student at TAFE NSW.


I didn’t know that …

… I can extend my library resources twice and a few different ways!

  1. By calling the library directly.
  2. By coming into the library (you don’t need your books with you).
  3. Or online. Just ask the friendly library staff for your pin.

WOW …..I didn’t know that!

Never too old to learn!

When Alex asked me to make a TAFE card for him I had to look twice at his date of birth, 1924.

Yes he was 94 years old and about to learn how to use a tablet.

Alex is one of 8 students over the age of 50, who have enrolled in a free computer course at TAFE NSW Belmont.

Their teacher, Jody Schofield, has taught the students how to navigate around the tablet, download apps, and search the internet. She said the students have really enjoyed learning new skills.

A few things that amazed 94 year old Alex was being able to see his house from space, working out how long a trip will take from one place to another in a matter of minutes and how fun some of the games were.

All students are loving their course and this just goes to show that you’re never too old to learn new tricks!!