Library Love at Hamilton Campus

Looking for some Romance? Don’t want a long-term Commitment? Open to new Adventures? Pick up some fiction at your TAFE Library this week! Only need to commit for up to 2 weeks – can invest in the relationship for a further month by renewing your item twice.#LibraryLove

Valentine’s Day is also Library Lover’s Day around Australia. Hamilton Campus Library celebrated in a big way including a progressive romance story … scroll down to read all about it!


<3 your library!

ALIA Library Lovers Day

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Why do I need a TAFEcard?

Have you got your TAFEcard yet? TAFEcards are available from campus Customer Service Centres, as well as some campus libraries. Remember, if you have been to TAFE and received a card within the last 5 years, you can continue to use your old one!

Here are 3 good reasons to get a TAFEcard:

  1. Your TAFEcard is your library card. Having a TAFEcard means that you can borrow items from TAFE libraries across NSW.
  2. You can use your TAFEcard to print and photocopy in the Library. Ask Library staff to show you how!
  3. TAFEcards are used as ID for exams and off site assessments.